Furniture which is Beautiful, Functional and Versatile
Furniture Traditions

Our Heirloom Warranty

Our #1 goal is to make you, our customer, happy. As we’re family owned and operated, we do things a little differently than the other guys. Concentrating on only one line allows us to make very special furniture. Each piece we make is beautifully styled to blend with your home. It has wonderful versatility, with usefulness in mind.

This bedroom line is truly an investment. It has been appreciated and collected for many, many years, and will continue to be available far into the future. You may choose to purchase a complete set, or collect a few pieces at a time. When you decide to purchase, your delivery time will be excellent because we stock what we make.

Discover for yourself. Visit your local retailer and explore each piece. Try the drawers. Check out the craftsmanship. Find those secret compartments. Notice the overall beauty and elegance. Once you do this, we’re sure you’ll want to become a part of the growing Furniture Traditions’ family of satisfied customers.

We plan to continue to make our furniture for a very long time. As long as we're in business, we'll continue to support you in this product.

We'll fix it if there's a defect. If you have a customer who has one of those everyday disasters, such as: dropping it off their truck and breaking a drawer or damaging the top of their dresser... we can probably help.

We fully warranty our furniture from troll and ogre attacks, and we will replace any piece damaged by rampaging giants. We pledge to happily send you a replacement part for a reasonable cost or help in any way we can.

Just contact us if you have a concern or suggestion. You may be surprised at what we can help you with. We love to hear from our customers and we're here to give you the best customer service in the industry.

To acitivate your warranty, mail us the card or register online.