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Individual Pieces
> The Master-piece Pedestal
> The Master-piece Armoire 
> The Master-piece Night Stand 
> The Entertainment Chest 
> The Master-piece Chest 
> The Jewelry Chest 
> The Hope Chest 
> The Master-piece Dresser 
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The Master-Piece Pier Group

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Master-piece Pier Group
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Master-piece Pier Group #605
5 Pieces
81" H x 17-3/4"D

King - 126-1/2"W
Queen - 112-1/2"W

Includes these individual pieces:
The Master-piece Armoire
The Master-piece Chest
The Master-piece Pedestal

Dramatically open up your bedroom by going vertical with our pier beds that provide maximum storage space on minimum floor space.

Two secret compartments in the headboard
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In the headboard -

  • Two secret compartments, one to keep electrical wiring for phones, clocks and radios out of sight, and another for whatever you like.
  • Dual lights with individual dimmer switches, one can read while the other sleeps.
Cedar-lined cabinet to protect your belongings
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In the cabinets personal convenience abounds -

  • Mirrors on each door to check your smile
  • Cedar-lined cabinet to protect your belongings
  • Adjustable shelves for convenient placement and access
  • Two velvet lined trays, provide a convenient place to put jewelry, watch and wallet.
  • Bedside pull-out tray with the "Moisture Guard" surface to protect from minor spills
  • 17.6 cubic feet of usefull storage space